Sessions With Joy

Tantric Massage

Allow Joy to guide you breath by breath, wave by wave as you turn your vision inwards and take time just for you. Imagine taking a journey within your body, guided and supported as you reach deeper states of inner calm.

1 Hour/$175

1.5 Hours/$225

2 Hours/$275

Tantric Meditation

Let the external world melt away as Tantric Practitioner and Meditation teacher Joy Nelson guides you on a Tantric Meditation journey.

30 Minutes/$75

1 Hour/$100

1.5 Hours/$125

Tantric Immersion

Experience deeper, more profound connection, overcome blocks to satisfaction, discover the power of your personal pleasure map, experience the full potential of your sexual energy as you learn sacred techniques from world renowned Tantric Practitioner and Teacher Joy Nelson.

2 Hours/$350

4 Hours/$500