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The Tantric Man is a transformational coaching program taught by world renowned Tantric Sex and Intimacy Coach, Author and Blogger, Joy Nelson.

Who is this program for?
Any man with an open mind who wants to achieve sexual mastery.

What is covered in The Tantric Man Coacing Program?
This program is an 8 module interactive coaching program covering the following topics:
Mindfulness, The Warrior’s Path, Sex Demystified, Pleasure Map, Sexual Intelligence,
Biology of Belief, Neuro Arousal Reprogramming (NAP), Lover’s Language, Female Sensory Response, Tantric Flow State,  Sacred Sexuality, Modern Tantra, The Tantric Man, Clearing the Ground, Cultivating Sacred Space, Tantric Massage, Tantric Touch, Pleasure Triggers, Tantric Orgasm, The Lover’s Ritual, The Habit Loop, Micro Moments, and Integration.

The Tantric Man


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The Tantric Man

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